Chronicles Of The Lost . Awaking

**It’s a story of the man who wakes in some kind of laboratory or a shelter. He does not remember who is he, why he is there ,he don’t know what to do further.

                            This is the first chapter,"Awaking".**

The voice acting was good, the plot was interesting and the color correction did magic. I found nothing to improve except needs some action which is probably coming later. I personally liked it, waiting for second part.

I thought the voice acter was poor. he sounded to dull for being in such confusion. the story sorta reminds me of Prototype.

and the camera movement was bad it seemed like you attempted to manually create camera shake effect.

Well atleast he used good mic, but the speech was bit “lazy”. Als yes the camera shake needs improving.

Next time try using the dynacam to make the camera movement, don’t make it by yourself shaking the camera weapon. Try using also the vignetting.

ps: Where did you get the sound effects ? :smiley:

i have a small collection of sounds,can’t remember the source…

And camera movement…yes…may be someone will advice me how to do it not manually?

PS. How’s the general impression?

I just said you.

Man,I’m not blaming.I’m really asking.

Ugh… I really wanted to like this. A few flaws really made it unenjoyable however.

Positives first – Faceposing was good, and you used some great camera shots towards the second half.

Negatives – First, the title isn’t grammatically correct – It would either be “Waking” or “Awakening”… Awakening is what I think you were going for. Also, towards the end, you had a tendency of fading out and then back in for EVERY camera change, and it got super annoying. It was also MUCH too slow to be an entire four minutes, your pacing was just dead slow and because the faceposing was much too quiet, you couldn’t particularly hear anything to further the plot, which was somewhat nonexistent. Last, like said earlier, your shaky cam using the camera tool was just bad.

I wanted to like this, you really have filmmaking talent… you just did a lot of things wrong… 2/5

agreed fumples I wanted to like this aswell.

if you have sony vegas then use the pan/crop tool and do keyframe by keyframe. search it up on youtube theres a few tutorials there for sony vegas pan/crop shake

It was nice, but like Fumples mentioned, shaky camera effect wasn’t really good.