Chrono Cross

Hi! I am searching for people who can extract 3d models and animations from Chrono Cross (psx game). I found some describes of file structure of the game. Can you help?
I found a link where is few models and cpp codes. Also there is some skripts for blender. So, from there I found all player caracters models and some their animations for blender (I dont know how to export them to 3ds maxor something else). Also I have almost every model of monsters without animations. I have some files at0 format wich are locatet in animations folder, but I don.t know how import them to models. I stil need some boses models: Aquator and Anemotor.
Here is the links with files what I found:!432&sc=documents

) I recreating locations in 3d from the pictures ) It’s locations from the beginning of the game, when Serge has a dream about future:

Remaking this location:

And… done );topic=1752.0;attach=325;image