Chronometer with display

I’m trying to make a chronometer in my tf2 map and so I could see the results on a screen. I currently have no idea on how to do that.
Basically I’m trying to do this:

Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

So you pretty much want a stop watch?


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Well, I just found a tutorial at Interlopers about this:
but its not what I’m looking for. This looks like some hard business. Maybe there is a way doing this with custom textures or console?
Also, I made these textures for the numbers:

If anyone has any idea on how to make this, please post it, I would be very grateful. And for now I’m off to bed, will check this thread tomorrow.

Make the trigger activate a ‘1 brush’ with a delay of 1 second and a ‘2 brush’ with a delay of 2 seconds, and so on.

Then make the ‘.1 brush’ use 0.1 delay…

So on so on.

Will try.
Alright, this method is working out quite well, almost done with the first line.

I have one problem now, once the first line finishes counting from 0 to 9 it doesn’t reset to 0 to go on again:

How can I reset it to 0 again?

I figured out everything, works like a bastard. Ill post a prefab as soon as I finish polishing it.

Working like a bastard is a good thing?

Yes. :v:

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Here: feel free to use it. Also, I haven’t tested it completely, I mean it runs great, but I didn’t watch it to run through all those 99 minutes, so if you find any bugs just let me know.

Merge the textures into one VTF, then use the same concept as the clock in Portal.

Funny… I said that about my 2 foot gauge railroad track curves “They look nasty and work like a bastard child” lol
but they do work, oh well future holds the fine tuning and smoothing of them out more…