CHTTP - A curl-based HTTP replacement

CHTTP - A curl-based HTTP replacement

CHTTP is a curl-based drop-in replacement for GMod’s built-in HTTP function that (while providing the same interface as the original) allows for a few select additional features.


  • HTTP requests (I mean, what did you expect?)
  • Setting all the headers (including User-Agent)
  • Getting all the headers
  • More accurate errors
  • Additional log output for developers

I'm sold, how do I get it?

Prebuilt downloads as well as detailed installation instructions can be found in the project’s GitHub repository:

If you like the module, please consider starring the repository on GitHub, I would appreciate it a lot.


A much better replacement for the built-in SteamHTTP library and easy to install. Also, this module allows you to bypass the restriction of Discord services imposed by Cloudflare (the Gmod user agent is blocked…), especially for communicate through webhooks.