Chuck Greene fooling around whilst getting Zombrex.


Not too many effects used, sparks(in-game), motion blur and colour touch ups are photoshopped

Tell me whatcha think

All zombies individually posed(some in the background dups)
Anyone else get shite fps while spawning them? Was a pain in the ass.


His left hand looks pretty fucked. Nice picture though.

Yeah… the wheel chair has some discrepancies on it, like the handlebars only have one side materialized, which is a model problem.

Also, the chuck model has some… really fucked up hands, I tried to edit it better but to no avail.

The motion blur on the wheels could be better, but overall I dig it.

I do. Still haven’t figured out what causes that.

I think because it has multiple bodygroups with arms/legs/head combos attached to it… or something.

Chuck normally had some seriously nasty ass hands.
And I fucking love the Electric Chair.

Is THAT what it is? Shit! I was just guessing!