Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 2

Face,finger and eye poseable.


I fucking love you

Cool, nice work.

nice :smiley:


Please do Snowflake the Tiger next :dance:

nice. You should try and port in more main characters.

I fucking love it

Oh my fucking god. I love you.

Would you care to have my children?

Well that was fast.

I gotta say, im really impressed how fast you did this.
But i got a few things to say.

The finger posing is a little…wierd.
The area around the eyes could be a bit better.
and the arms are hard as SHIT to pose, and the overall phys. is pretty default-citizen like.

Can we have a picture of chuck and nick hanging out

That would be like…chuck and nick hanging out

Why did it take months for Mass Effect 2 and other 360 game models to be ripped/recreated and yet this takes about a week or less? v:v:v

No fuckin way YES!

it didnt :V tali was released almost the first day mass effect came out, and they were from pc not 360

Beacause I asked for it. :v:

In all seriousness, we need additional clothes on him, like Servbot masks or aviators. Thanks for the model anyway, Cl0ud!

Cause some people didn’t want to release their stuff

Yeah i know, its my first ragdoll port. Did the best i could. Fingers and eyes are weird because how he was posed when i ripped him. I tried to fix the arm problem but he moved horribly, but if someone wants to make a better phys model for him be my guest.

Also dunno why his jaw flex doesnt work ingame, yet works fine in model viewer.

If you import him in the Borat outfit, I can assure you that there will be a constant wave of Chuck sex poses.