Chumtoad Snpc

I know this has been requested before, if its been done can someone post a link. Anyways, I’m requesting a chumtoad snpc for garrysmod. I’d like it to use Kathar’s Chumtoad ( as the model.
Here’s a description of its behavior:

Image tagged for size:

The chumtoad will be in the next version of my Half-Life: Renaissance pack:

Hey silver when do you plan to release the new version of HLR?

I love HLR! Any hints on what else you may be including? IS there anything left? The hl resistance thread

Ive tried on 2 computers! ANd whenever it is spawned, I get a swarm of lua errors on the right hand side!
Like the rest of the npcs in the pack! Got a fix?
Good pack so far THX

You didn’t download the SLV Base and you SHOULDN’T BUMP YEAR OLD THREADS

I fixed it now! and without the SLV Base i wouldnt be able to get the blue errors cuz the snpcs werent there So yes i did