Chunks of map dissapearing

So I decompiled the map called rp_downtown_v4c_v4_sewers from the workshop and added this beach to it:

When I ran the map many textures were gone/glitched and huge chunks of the entire map was just gone out of nowhere, what is causing this?

The lightning is from using a lamp tool as the sun isnt working either :stuck_out_tongue:

thats the beauty of decompliing a .BSP things get broken, when you load up your decompilied vmf you migt be lucky and get a warning of brocken brushes if you do’t it doesn’t mean there are none, you need to go over the map and check brushes are ok, thicker than 1 unit and are on grid, the best tihng to do before you edit a decompilied map is to check it compiles ok to start with :slight_smile:

How do I check for le brushes?

1st do alt +p to display any errors if any are shown fix them, then do a compile just the vbsp that will sow up any leaks fix them, then in the 2d view after setting a grid size of 4 scan over the brushes and check there on grid and not 1 unit thick once thats done save and do a full compile :slight_smile:

If I fix all of the errors, will it work?

Decompiling maps can ruin brushes, but it doesn’t cause issues like this (only really breaks area portals and displacements)

Looks like vvis crashed. What does your compile log look like?

Like this

EDIT: For some reason im getting *** leaked *** now on places where it makes no sense at all. It just goes straight through a static wall to an entitiy.

if you have loaded the pointfile follow the red line to the outside void and close the gap between the brushes if theres no gap check that the wall it goes throu isn’t an entity if it is change the entity back to a brush

To be honest imo Decompiling is so broken that the only use of it is for learning.

Is it going upwards? if it goes straight up at an angle then it’s an areaportal leak. If it’s zigzagging around other walls and going through a specific wall, that wall is either a func_detail, which should be moved to world, or has a translucent texture on it, which should be replaced with an opaque texture.

Sometimes certain maps like to replace nodraw with playerclip, which is hell to fix and you should just give up. If it had compile protection, one of the things it does is not fixup cubemap faces (not too big of a deal to fix, but can be annoying. Won’t stop a compile though.)

Have you checked the radius culling ? when enabled, it makes everything outside the red circle disappear when you compile the map.

If you’re using the latest version of BSPSrc then it’s not too bad at decompiling well constructed maps, but it is indeed far from perfect.

It literally goes through any static surface there is, I have tried everything.

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Lol… This was the problem xD Thank you. :smiley:

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Yep the lines are going straight, atleast it doesnt use playerclip instead of nowdraw.