“There’s pockets o’ radiation everywhere, we’ll have to go around.”

Great scenebuild.

at 0:19 before the drone shows up the scenebuild looks much better than the final one and it’s better without extra edit.

I think it’s a nice Russian touch. The orthodox domes, the swampy grayness, the radioactive sign, and the drone which Russia is nowadays using in military affairs kind of complements it in my view.

It’s supposed to be a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. pose you numpty’s hence the crashed drone and literal exo-suit stalker standing outside the church.

sometimes it’s better not to stuff a foliage scenebuild with different kind of props otherwise it’s gonna loose simplicity, an unique touch and look mediocre. imho

Awesome, and the video is well placed.

This is looks amazing!
Anyway is that smoke props from Spec ops the line ?

what’s a foliage scenebuild and are there some specific rules for those or something

well, the one that is mainly focused on bushes, grass and trees in order to create nature, obviously. Good question, I think there could be some rules, I can’t tell you any now cuz need to think about it.

Took it from the video at 0:19, looks damn good but still needs a variety of colors for foliage props. 2016-01-21 21.29.09.jpg

ps\ Also, I’m not native English speaker and would like to ask everyone if it’s better to say landscape scenebuilds, landscape scenebuilding, grand scenebuilds or something absolutely different.

I, for one, like the technological dissonance the UAV crash brings to the table. Honestly, it’s the main reason why it stands out from the pack.

I like it cos it reminds me of Strelok’s crashed UAV.

What foliage pack do you use?