Chuunibyou Anime Model Stuff?

Now it is a looooooong time since i have been on facepunch. But back then i did port Anime models into Garrys mod. But then i did take a loong break.
But now I want to make some modelling again. And under the break i also have experimenting allot so are not all rusty.

Back to the topic. At the moment i am modelling Rikka from Chuunibyou. And was wondering if there where some people that want to have it ported to the source engine ?
I have some W.I.P. at my blog but i will post the progress from mesh to a working game model.

Well i am hoping this is not going to fail like the ending of the show.

I might be able to port this into source engine for an mmd misc pack, but are you planning on making any facials for it? because I can if I must, but i’ll take longer, and could you make the eyes on her source friendly? like make them just flat with the irises only being textures and convex too.

I say tanks that you want to port it. But i believe i can do that myself. But if something eats all my time i may PM you then :slight_smile:

mmm, i’ll make some facials for it

you still gonna want me to rig it and get it compiled then?

Let me just finish it up and then i can say if i have time ore not.

For now i am working on the uniform :slight_smile: 1.png 2.png