Cider all-talk problem

Hello, i have a problem with my cider alltalk / voice.
Its completely disabled… on the server
That means you cant talk at all.

And the luas where the “alltalk” / Voice commands are showed are ;

– Check to see if local voice is enabled.
game.ConsoleCommand("sv_voiceenable 1
game.ConsoleCommand("sv_alltalk 1
game.ConsoleCommand("sv_voicecodec voice_speex
game.ConsoleCommand("sv_voicequality 5

– Called every frame.
function GM:Think()
if ( cider.configuration[“Local Voice”] ) then
for k, v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
if ( hook.Call(“PlayerCanVoice”, GAMEMODE, v) ) then
if ( v:IsMuted() ) then v:SetMuted(); end;
if ( !v:IsMuted() ) then v:SetMuted(); end;

-- Call the base class function.
return self.BaseClass:Think();


cider.configuration[“Local Voice”] = true; – Players can only hear a player’s voice if they are near them.

I don’t understand what the problem is. Maybe if you followed a guideline we could help you a little bit better…

Ehm the problem is that you cant talk in the gmod server. and all the lua is where the “Local voice” (The one you have to enable" is showing off.

Any Lua errors printed in the console? What actually happens when you try to talk and team talk?

If you are on a dedicated server or rent a server enable condebug in the command line then restart your server and look in the console.log Look for any related errors.

iRzilla -> No nothing prints in my console when i talk, and nothing happends at my “Srcds” windows. (The window fore my home server)

zzaacckk What do you mean?

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I have added -condebug at the server startup, then what to look after now?

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Okay ill try to say something else. When i press the Voice chat button (x in my case) nothing at all happends. Not in console. not in the window the server is hosted in… And not in-Game

This is really old code before Garry added PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice; so it is bound to be broken.

Okay. but what to do?


Try implementing that on the gamemode.

Okay still dont work -.- the lua for that is :

– Override the weapon pickup function.
function GM:HUDWeaponPickedUp(…) end;

function GM:PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice()
return true, true

– Override the item pickup function.
function GM:HUDItemPickedUp(…) end;
The implementing is in the middle

Did you remove the code from GM:Think?


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Oh yea

what file is this?

I might be wrong here but doesnt this mute you no matter what?

[lua]if ( v:IsMuted() ) then v:SetMuted(); end;
if ( !v:IsMuted() ) then v:SetMuted(); end;[/lua]

EDIT: Oh lol didnt see that bump.

Stop bumping old threads in the hope you can copy and paste code to get your cider server working

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