Cider / Applejack / VentMob's Base / FearlessRP's (CityRP) Base gamemode!

Hello, I am Collin Craig.
Recently I have been very devoted into getting an old game-mode, that is getting out of date, back into the This gamemode can be seen all over the internet if you search for Applejack Garrys Mod Gamemode or VentMob. These downloads are out of date though. They will now work with Garry’s mod 13. Ex: “Applejack is a gamemode originally created by Lexi for garrys mod 12 (based off of cider made by conna). This gamemode was used by the community ventmob and has not been updated since. Although there are a few servers running with the base of applejack’s code (FearlessRP, EvoRP) I am also selling this now!”

Purchace: Add Collin Craig on steam and talk to me about buying it and prices or buy a set price version from my website: Base Price with setup is $80 im willing to go lower if you don’t need me to set it up.

"Thank You For Buying My Script! If you have questions or concerns then msg me on steam: Collin Craig


in players.sql

Once you have your database set up then in the gamemode folder/sh_config.lua fill out that information and your server should run!

If your server has a blackscreen upon joining your SQL is wrong, recheck and then ask Collin on steam for help! If you do not spawn and its just a non movable freecam then you need to make sure Evolve is in the addons folder and thats your origional admin mod. If that does not fix it set your self to owner and then use the command /setspawn - I got permission to give this away for sales."

I seriously have no idea why people pay 30$, no less 80$, for a gamemode, in a game that has free and freely distributed content.

and where are the images and info of the thing?

so a shitty dark rp for 80

and “DarkRP Chat Tags!” for 6$

Here is a video of the gamemode!

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And if you think it is shitty, then yes :smiley: think what ever you want. It works and its useful and more serious than DarkRP

vm RIP

Sorry, even though I love this gamemode no one is going to pay for that

And also Like I said im willing to go lower price!

it looks just like dark rp to me and the video just shows shitty, horrible, obnoxious music of the “Supposedly” “BEST GAMEMODE EVER”

in fact, the video doesn’t even really say anything at all

how could it possibly be more serious than DRP at all? that entirely depends on skill of moderation and how they moderate the server.

People like to throw around “serious roleplay” constantly, but then those same people role-play prostitutes that shit them selves at random

If you interested then just add me on steam prices can vary depending on the situation. $80 was a base price but I have sold this For $40 in the past.

It’s not Dark RP. Applejack was created by Lexi

Basically, it’s a really optimized and better Cider

K Cool! Have fun finding someone to do that. Tell me once you do!

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Exactly… At least someone knows what they are talking about.

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This is not even close to DarkRP besides the RP part. This is very different based off of cider, Made into applejack by lexi and ported to Gmod 13 by me!

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True I agree with your fact but Applejack has more features included that goes along with Serious Roleplay. Its closer to Perp than DarkRP.

…Cider/Applejack/RP08, all run on Contra economies, what exactly makes it different from DarkRP?

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Which is based on RP08, which is based on RP07… Which is a DarkRP modification. :v:

It’s a little more restricted with Stamina/Hunger and a few more “Realistic elements” but I admit it’s quite similar.

But it is most definitely not Dark RP

but visually it looks like the same old story with nothing there that is that different, and hunger seems to be one of those ideas that has been tried and failed many many times

people care less about actually role playing eating and care more about stealing food for themselves without role playing it

Just like thefreemann said "It’s a little more restricted with Stamina/Hunger and a few more “Realistic elements” but I admit it’s quite similar.

But it is most definitely not Dark RP"

It is DarkRP, literally and figuratively.
RP08[the grand momma of Cider/Applejack] was entirely based off DarkRP, and the entire concept of economical flow in the gamemode, is still very much linked to money printer farming.
Even with the whole hunger/stamina bars, everything will still be reliant on that one key economical pusher.
Why do you buy guns? To defend money printers you are farming.
Why do you buy food? So you don’t die from starvation while money printer farming.
Why do you buy energy drinks? Because you want to get to someone’s base quicker to either raid or farm with them.

It’s DarkRP through and through

It’s definitely not serious roleplay, and you die from hunger which is why I’m assuming most people didn’t bother roleplaying it. (I myself included)

I dunno, it worked really well with the community I played on (Getting to some of the high spots on the server ranks) it ran it for about 2 years before finally dying out.
And before that community was Ventmob, which iirc also was quite successful

Like I said, definitely not serious roleplay. but it does have some roleplay elements, especially in comparison to Dark RP

my 2 cents ~ from a guy who played this gamemode for about 1 and a half years every day.

Just a non-hostile question, but have you actually played this gamemode?
Yes, there are money printer farms, but I don’t really see how that makes the gamemode bad. Some players enjoy it, and others don’t. It’s each to their own.
And as a side note, AFK farming was strictly forbidden, and was monitored very carefully with the anti-afk script and roaming admins

People just think of DarkRP as the god of all roleplays. Really just back off who cares if this is similar to darkrp or not… Its still a great roleplaying gamemode that I am trying to bring back to popularity.

to be honest, most of that massively will depend on the community itself

you can have a wonderful community on the worst of gamemodes, and a shit community on an 80$ “Gmod’s **BEST **GAMEMODE EVER”

game mode changes a lot, but there’s more to it than that. just going off the video this thing is literally just dark rp in disguise.

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imho darkroleplay is the worst of all roleplays

works best as a fort wars game mode

that just makes it sound more like drp, why are money printers even a thing at all anyways

people not using it doesn’t mean the gamemode is better, it means the people are better

By the way Im not calling it “Gmod’s BEST GAMEMODE EVER” I did not make that video I am just using it for my advertisements, its the gamemode though. It shows some features.

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Well now you guys are criticizing the gamemode and the video which neither of them I made my self. All I did was update the gamemode and use the video.

Like you said J!NX, it can also depend on the community, and in my experience, and both cases, it worked really well. I’m not going to try and defend this gamemode and say it’s one of the best gamemodes out there, and I’m definitely not going to claim that anyone who played this would be interested. I also don’t advocate selling it either. I, along with many other players enjoyed it. And at the end of the day I believe as long as the community is happy I think it’s fine.

I played Ventmob, Fearless, and presently hang out with the original group, BB.
The money printer farms are pre-dominant in the gamemode because they are the floodgates for currency, and therefore are the only sound and reasonable way to make money. Very much like the base-script[DarkRP] the gamemode is entirely based around creating money printer farms, and shops that cater to money printer farmers. Roleplay can happen, but for the most part the entire need for roleplaying is sorta archaic when you have things like F4 Menus’ which control every price and every activity in the server.
The only server which somewhat managed to beat that concept in my eyes was Fearless, and even then the whole “Fish Economy” they had was the only true sense of roleplay that usually would happen outside of players whining for RP points.