Cider Backdoor Removal?

Hello Facepunch users.
You probably all (Or most of you) know the gamemode “Cider” made by kuro, yes?

I’ve looked at the Cider thread and it seems that lots of people are complaining about backdoors in the gamemode,
is that really true?

If so, could anyone possibly redirect me to… let’s say, a guide on how to remove all of these foul backdoors?

Thank you.


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Sorry, I might’ve missed the questions subforum, could someone please move this thread?

Thank you.

Bottom of sv_player.lua, remove those 2 concommands

A players clan isn’t escaped before it is inserted into the database.

Aaand, I forgot if there were any more.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks. ^^

If there is others who’d like to add something onto the list of backdoors, go ahead.