cider Cars (Paying)


i want to no the code and where to add the code to add cars to the cider menu i just need someone to tell me the code on steam and help me on how to do it again. it wont take you long about 5-10 min.

I will pay you 3.25 USD

Ty Brad


Anyone help me plz?

Anyone help?

make your car VGUI, call it cider_Cars and then paste this line at the bottom of the list of other tabs in cider/gamemode/core/derma/cl_menu.lua at about line 40/41.
[lua]self.tabs:AddSheet(“Cars”,vgui.Create(“cider_Cars”, self.tabs))[/lua]

i Dont get where you mean 2 add the code


I cant see ur code box for some reason BUT i want 2 add the cars to it and set prices how do i do that?


How do i make the cars VGUI?

Sorry, but my fingers have frozen up due to a substantial lack of money. Perhaps someone else can help you. :frowning:

i will pay you if u get it to work

Not when you act like that.
I like helping out people but not when they are rude.

Well, i waited a day and noone replyed

Sorry, that’s not how my business model works. You’re essentially asking me to make a copy of my server for less money than I have in change in my pocket. Admittedly not a particularly good copy, as you don’t seem to understand how Lua, let alone the tangled mess that is the release version of Cider works, but a copy nevertheless. I’m not going to make anything for you, but I’ll tell you how you how you could do what you asked:
You make it with derma.
Happy coding~!

Yeah but how do i set prices etc and add 1 or more cars


Lexic are u owner of ventmob if so i am banned from ur server for 160000000000000000000000000000 hrs… for my brother advertisin 2 sell admin.

Oh, good. :>
As for your other question, you can set the price when you write the car’s name in the derma, yes?

How? do you set and can u unban me plz ventmob is my favourite server

well, first you need to learn Lua, then you need to learn how Derma works. Once you’ve done that, you can quite simply include the price of the car in the label when you make your car thing.

What is it to to type a code

 Or what?


Ok, i added it in what is the facepunch thing to do a code 

Or what? Do i need to make a CL_Car?

yes you need to make about 4 of them

then stare at them really hard

and if you do it long enough iut will make cider cars

What do you mean 4? Whats the code command on this?


  • Slayer Please Help Not Be A Tard.




See This Here… --[[
Name: “sh_cider_Test.lua”.
Product: “Cider (Roleplay)”.

if ( !cider.plugin.get(“Generic”) ) then return; end;

– Define the item table.
local ITEM = {};

– Set some information about the item. = “Test”;
ITEM.size = 2;
ITEM.cost = 6000; = ;
ITEM.model = “models/cars/testcar.mdl”;
ITEM.batch = 1; = true;
ITEM.weapon = false;
ITEM.plural = “test”;
ITEM.uniqueID = “cider_test”;
ITEM.description = “Test Car.”;

– Called when a player drops the item.
function ITEM:onDrop(player, position) end;

– Called when a player destroys the item.
function ITEM:onDestroy(player) end;

– Register the item.

If it Drops, It Wont Be In inventory any more how do i make it a car and if they buy wont it just spawn a model of the car?

If you loved it so much, why did you violate it’s rules? Tell me your SteamID and I’ll do something about the length of your ban. On topic, do you even know what Lua stands for?

Lol Nup And Lexic i no u want belive me it was my bro u can even ask him…


STEAM_0:1:20749776 BTW

What is the code to type in and a code in facepunch


  • That Code Up There how do u stop it from leaving ur iventory

I have changed your ban time. The code I use to stop it leaving the inventory is

return false

How do u do that code box and When u do that thing up there. it spawns as a model not a car? how i fix plzkthankzbai

Omfg u make my cry now :frowning:


so ITEM.return false Wait
ITEM.description = “Test Car.”;