Cider cars

Hello, i need some car scripts for cider. I cant make them self because im not good enough. Here comes the names of the cars i need: Ferari, the old citroen, lotus elise, hummer, murcielago. I really need this!


-> Lua section?

I have tried there but no answers.

You must be kidding?

I must be kidding? Dude, i cant make those scripts. I dont even know how they look because i cant find a car scripts. If i have seen one i can maybe make them. And i dont know how to install them

Listen, it’s a forum, not an instant messenger! If someone didn’t reply for 4 hours, you don’t make another thread, in a wrong section. Learn how a forum works.

Well, sry. And it doesnt seem like you remember me.

Who are you then?

Next time try searching first…
Here is a link to the codes

Dont you remember Reckztar?

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I tryed to search but i didnt find anything. And by the way i dont know how to install the car scripts. And it doesnt work.

Doesnt look like you tryed searching i found that just from searching cider.
and it does work, its probably because you can’t make it work.

So i suggest that you go to the hiring thread ore the request section.

EDIT: Dont wanna post again for just saying this.

Nah sorry, i dont really like helping bieber faces and im kinda busy doing my own stuff :/.
so either ask another one ore go to the request ore hiring thread. Sorry :rolleyes:

Could you please add me to steam? If you will add me to steam then my steam name is thomasoreck

Looks like you wont help me by steam.