Cider Download?

Where can i download the roleplay gamemode named Cider?

I searched “gmod cider gamemode” and this was the first result.

That is a very old version, i think. Can you download it for me, i have forgotten my steam password and the password retrieval system sucks. :confused: So i can’t download it.

It hasn’t been officially fixed since Conna released it, but there are some forks like Applejack about.

How’re you going to play on Cider if you can’t even login to Steam?

My steam automatically logs in, i can’t sign into steam on websites.

Umm? I have a idea, how about you recover your username and password?

Get outta here with your good ideas!

When you click forgotten password, it brings you to page which explains how to change your password in steam. You need your current password to change your password . .

You made another thread? The fuck?