Cider FalloutRP


I’m currently doing a complete remake of Cider, and going to turn it into a very nice FalloutRP gamemode.
I need more ideas.
Current ideas :
Huge desert map.
No Salary, you get your cash by picking up things on the ground.
Raiders spawned randomly, sometimes in small groups. Drops some stuff.
Rare NPC’s spawned very rarely, drops different items that could be very useful.
NPCs you can buy/sell stuff to.

And some more…

What you got in mind?

Don’t use cider.
If you can actually script, do it from base. It’ll be a lot better in the long run.

Hmm, you’re right.
Although I don’t have any idea at all how to use MySQL, and it’ll take me a good while before I can manage it.
But o’well, it’ll probably benefit in the future.

I’ll consider it.

Old gamemode is old.

Yea, you’re right.
I’ll try to teach MySQL.

Anyway, ideas?
Maybe not even a FalloutRP?

There are a lot of Fallout type role plays now a days due to the fact that Fallout 3 came out, and now New Vegas. I like to see new and interesting stuff. You could make it interesting or make it strikingly like the game itself and that would also interest me. But do whatever you want with the project it’s your free time.

Hello, Zeroi. I could do all of that for you! Its shaneman by the way. And its easy, re add me on steam, shane_man.

You don’t know what I want.
And no, just leave me alone.

Seeing how you’re coding with Cider, try learning from that. Look at the code, try and understand it.

Then later you can start coding from scratch, using the methods you learned from cider.