Cider Gamemode

Hello me and my friend as i said in my other links which i have asked questions for. I am having trouble trying to figure out when i press use on a gun, the gun doesn’t get removed out of my inventory here is the code,

function PLUGIN.UseWeapon(player, item)
if (player:Team() == TEAM_MAYOR or player:Team() == TEAM_FIREMAN or player:Team() == TEAM_PARAMEDIC) then
cider.player.notify(player, “You can not use this when you are working for the government!”, 1);

– Return false because we cannot use the item.
return false;
elseif (!player:HasWeapon(item.uniqueID)) then

cider.inventory.update(player, item.uniqueID, -1)

– Return here because we’re going to use the item.

Does anyone know how i can fix this please reply thanks.


Why do you have 2 threads about the same thing, and you need to wait 2 days before bumping…

I don’t have 2 threads about the same thing.

should be in help section not request

Ok next time i will know but that really isn’t helpful.