Cider Gamemode

Hey, for some reason when i try to load Cider onto my server it just crashes and never comes back up, it restarts but wont let me connect, i ahve reinstalled it, need help on installing it i have a database and server ask for any infomation needed

Nvm it got it on, but its the message “press ’ Jump’ to rejoin if you are stuck on this screen!” and please dont say its an old gamemode, give up, i need this to work


If your going to use Cider it would be very helpful to learn lua since its going to take a bit of fixing up if you are not up to that use another gamemode

iv got someone who can lua script, but we cant find the problem, :frowning: anyone know

Wait, you telling me that you’ve got a lua scripter that can’t fine the problem?

Okay, basically your problem is that you’re using Cider. I can help you with this problem but it may take a moment of your time, basically:

The first step is to locate your Garry’s Mod directory, named “garrysmod/” inside this is a folder named “gamemodes/” go into that directory. In here you’ll find a list of installed gamemodes, the Cider one is usually called “cider/”; simply right click on this and select “Delete” from the list of options displayed to you.

Thank me later.

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You may need to confirm the selection, simply select “Yes” from the two choices supplied to you.

Wait, your telling me that we’ve got a lua scripter that can’t spell find?

You haven’t

  1. Set up your database correctly
  2. Deleted the exploit concommands at the bottom of libraries/sv_player.lua
  3. SQL Escaped the _Name and _Clan fields in the save function
  4. Fixed chat commands not working due to an ancient update that stopped the server running console commands on the client by emulating a console command being called on cider.command.whateverthefuckitis
  5. Changed all instances of timer.Destroy to timer.Stop to prevent the interesting error where sometimes the timer module self destructs because of the bizzare things cider does to timers.
  6. Done a bajillion other things cider needs to unbreak it which I don’t even want to try to remember.
    Have fun.

Hey conna! It’s nice to see you’re still being your friendly self and giving people advice on using your Perfectly Scripted Gamemodes that Don’t Have Any Exploits In Them!

If they have exploits in them and aren’t perfectly scripted then my advice is friendly, right?

Perhaps you could just not put exploits in every goddamn thing you release? Oh wait, that would be too mature for your standards.

So you’ve never seen a mistake?

I’ll fix it for you right away.
First you’ll need a Database. I recommend Easy and great place to have your Database free. Once you finished making the database you’ll need to import the:: Player.sql :: into the database you made. This is one of the important things. You’ll need to customizer the:: sv_configuration :: You find it at: Gamemode/cider/gamemode/core with the password you’ll use when you log in on the It’s should be like this.

Name: “sv_configuration.lua”.
Product: “Cider (Roleplay)”.

cider.configuration[“MySQL Host”] = “”; – The host that your MySQL database is located.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Username”] = “boozerbearcider”; – The username that you log into MySQL with.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Password”] = “IllRecOmmENDaStrOngPAssW0rd”; – The password that you log into MySQL with.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Database”] = “boozerbearchralex”; – The name of the database that we’ll be using.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Table”] = “players”; – The name of the table where the player data is stored.[/lua]

Once you done with that, you have a cider server up and rollin’

SQL comnig

ok, i still have the message, do i need a libmySQL.dll file in the FTp, if so, can someone send me one set for cider, as i dont have it

cider.configuration[“MySQL Host”] = “”; – The host that your MySQL database is located. = fail
ipadress"; – The host that your MySQL database is located. = good

or do the port

cider.configuration[“MySQL port”] = “”; – The host that your port its

Ehh, what?

  • I took this from my old server, and it worked perfectly. You may use what the hell he is saying. Where do you host?

You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

Ignore this person.

Too high? this worked totally perfect for me, and “or do the port” empty port label wtf, did you just say? Next time watch what you are typing instead of just enqwoehqwiehqiwheiqwheuioqwhuehqurhwei hqri qwehri hwequir hqweipurh iweuh …