Cider Garage (rp_evocity_v2d)

is there a way to put on rp_evocity_v2d in the garage to make it remove the car? so it deletes it, but ONLY CARS?

Thanks if you can help with this

How many threads for your crappy cider server do you need to make just make one and put everything in it so I haven’t got to rate every one dumb

Omfg, wow, FUCK OFF Or help!

Please dont flame other people, even if they aren’t very polite, it makes you look immature, and maybe gets you even banned.

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rage much?

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Rage was needed, look through my other post, he does nothing but troll!

You deserve to be rated dumb.
If you reply to a troll, then the troll wins. A troll just wants your attention, if you respond to his messages with an angrily written post, thats exactly what he wants.

I have a name you know

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Cool story bro.

Your alt account, reported.

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The funny thing is, I felt so happy when I saw your 3 day ban.

Alts aren’t allowed, enjoy a longer punishment.

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Are you so sad you can’t stay off the forum for three days?
You have to make an alt just to troll some more.

The thing is you never help or post content. You complain about me posting half working codes when no one even knows if you can script. You have never posted and at least I try and help unlike your sad meaningless life spent following people around a forum for the rest of your days.

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Oh you serious? An alt of King Flawless? We already know.

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Well, lets start helping him tho.

who cares if he has an alt account. Its not like hes using an aimbot in a game.

noone is making you look at them, FOAD! You little kid!

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Toby, seriously all the Threads you comming up with is stolen from another game modes…

  • I’m not trying to annoy you i’m just want to inform the people who helps you.

He is not stealing anything.
I do not see any copyright, protection or patents on any of their ideas of codes.

He is allowed to recreate, republish and reuse their idea as long as it is his code or permisison has been granted from the content owner.

You cannot steal a idea from a gamemode unless it is protected, it is just an idea that anyone can use. Its up to communities to interpret them ideas into the next stage so people like their idea + modificaiton over the next persons.

Well i didn’t see it that way.

  • Hmm. :slight_smile:

That is how the world goes round, That is how evolution happens.

That is the same concept everything is based on.

But he isnt recreating it he expects other people to do that for him

Well that is what this section is for.

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If you don’t even know the use of this board then why are you here?

You ain’t doing any good to anyone, you are 100% useless, I think the only reason your this way and trying to belittle everyone else is because you are useless and have no use in life or here so you make people feel small so you can feel big.

I mean really, Internet bullying. You are one sad fuck. Go outside once in a while, I dought you have friends just reading your comments on everything.

But just go outside once in a while and sit in the fresh air.

just like you.

wow the “go outside and get some fresh air” argument, never heard of that one before.

Kauk, who are you?

How am I useless since I helped and completed his request.

Also, it may be old, but once again idiots like your self and flawless thing that only new, big stuff is better than little working things and old cusses