Cider mod help

i got a issue with cider rp i cant find any working lockpicks, breachers and hostage ropes for cider mod can anyone help me

if this thread does not belong here my bad im new here and i just thought i suited best here Hope someone can help me :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Isn’t there a gamemode section somewhere
  2. I luv your avatar where can I get more pics + name?
  3. Did you try coding one? Or did you search
  4. Try the darkrp lockpick, and modify it for ciderrp door ents, if they’re named different or something stupid like that

Ty i like the picture to you can simple just search on google sexy girl gun red bikini well its the exact name for the file so i made it on a background for gmod to :stuck_out_tongue: