Cider problem, command, doorname

Hello :slight_smile:
I have cider on my server, i got some problems…
Sometimes when you are typing commands, like. /warrant Kodex search…
it’s crashing, anyone know how to fix that problem?

  1. problem

You can change door names, that means you can’t see the owner on the door.
A big problems for officer/overwatch…

If anyone could help me with my first problem i would be very happy, cause it sux when there’s 20 on the server and all crashing.
People won’t join again…

I know there’s a lot of problems with cider, but please help me :slight_smile:

no one?

What is Cider?

If it’s an addon then you’re best off asking in the thread for that addon, or PMing the author.

It’s an old and very badly made RP gamemode made by Conna about two years ago. He’s abandoned it and probably won’t want to provide technical support. :>