Cider Problem

Okay guys,
Let me explain everything to you. But first Hello everyone!
Okay Okay, i’ve got a problem, i downloaded the server through hldsupdatertool, i’ve allready done a css server, so i know a bit about this stuff.
Now my problem is i wanna do cider gamemode. And it doesn’t launch in cider, sv_gamemode Cider, doesn’t work. I looked over here, and saw ulx works for gamemode changing, so thats what i did : ulx map rp_evocity_v2d cider. okay it worked the server said it was in cider mod. But i still had my weapons and stuff, and my screen was black saying: Loading (in a text box) and under in red : If you are stuck on this screen press jump to reconnect. Pretty weird i cant see what to configure if i cant see. And when i push escape: i see normaly, behind the menu.
Please i need help guys :confused: just got banned from my favorite server, and wanna make my own, stupid admin i killed him following rp rules and he banned me coz i killed an admin :O!!!
Thanks for any answer

Or maybe easier, can anyone post me a link to start a cider server from scratch?
Sorry i know it’s the wrong place for help post : won’t do that again :wink:

Hey am also looking for A LOT of help with cider as I am looking to put my DarkRP sever over to cider…

There are a number of problems though mainly being that there are lots of bugs with it, apparently there are backdoors into it that certain people can access at any time

Also you need to connect it to an SQL database (something I have no experience with)… So yeah a little help would be useful! :smiley:

sv_defaultgamemode <GAMEMODE>

in autoexec.cfg not sure if it works.

TaiTair are you in single player or hosting? If you are hosting is it off a GSP? If so they should have some sort of config file to edit it or you can edit the command line for the server…

I’m hosting, and i dont think its off a GSP, its at home, a laptop, with only the server and antivirus running…
Ps : Yeah all i want is a Cider server, with admin mod, and construct mod, and restricted weapons gotta buy them, Aaand a cars menu so that we should buy the cars too…
Isn’t it easier posting me a tutorial for noobs to do a cider server from scratch?

I stopped thinking i could manage it, i can’t code mysql, so i’m gonna go DarkRP, just need help to implement a cars menu guys…

You don’t have to! :smiley: I have finally got it all sorted and am now, literally now, just about to put my server up with cider! You only have to connect cider to a mySQL server not manage it! The hardest part is the lua coding to fix the bugs and the backdoors :smiley: But other than that it is plain sailing!

Okay please, post me a tutorial

if you need help with this? i know its an old post, but i might be able to help you, /pm me