Cider Radio

Hello lua coder/whatever :stuck_out_tongue:
Ehmm… I have installed the gamemod “cider” on my server, but when i typing /radio it’s not working?
Can anyone help me, this is a serious problem.
I did also try to search on the forums here but i did not find anything.

P.S when i type /radio nothing happening, no bugs, if you know what i mean.


And my cider_hands, when u punching it’s look like i dont what it looks like, but i think everyone here know what i mean, they do not punch! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we do not know what you mean. Please tell us what you mean.

He means the hands not punching they do not move when you punch

We’re no experts of every gamemode in existance, unless you have a specific problem you should try asking in that gamemode’s thread for help. That or you show us what exactly is not working.

Check the console for bugs when you first load the game. If there are none, check the swep “cider_hands” and debug it.

Again, for the radio, check the command (either PlayerSay or a hook onto PlayerSay) and see if the command is handled there and if so again debug it.

You claim to be a lua coder, so you should be able to debug it yourself or at least have a good stab at it.

I agree with Quebec, we aren’t experts on every game ever made.

“NAME” used ‘cider team hi’.

And thanks, this pop up in console when i type /radio hi but it does not show in-game.
But i dont know what lua file to look in.

Ahem. I think radio is simply the team chat in your gamemode. It doesn’t bring up an actual radio but allows cops to talk with one another. Which means you have no bugs. :slight_smile:

Did you try it with multiple players in the same team?

what the fuck have you done to your cider install?
Also, Crazy Quebec, you’re wrong. :downs:

Nothing, i didn’t add something, and change something…

Aww… Are you sure? :ohdear: Maybe it’s another version. I played several RPs where /radio was used as a team chat.

Bordlampe could you try finding the chat binds function, and the function radio refers to? Simply doing a “Search in files” for radio or chat should place you in the right direction.

edit : Look below! :v: It really is a team chat command. For it to do anything you’ll need teammates.

borlampe used ‘cider team hi’.

Thats what happening when i typing ingame.
And the command is /radio hi


– A command to send a message to all players on the same team.
cider.command.add(“radio”, “b”, 1, function(player, arguments)
local text = table.concat(arguments, " ");

-- Say a message as a radio broadcast.
cider.player.sayRadio(player, text);

end, “Commands”, “<text>”, “Send a message to all players on your team.”);

Theres the radio cant see anything wrong?

Sounds like Crazy Quebec is right to me.

Are you looking for a radio to play music or something?

No XD the goverment radio :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright then when you do have somebody else as a cop with you does it work? You might both need a radio item for it to work. (I dunno)

radio is supposed to let team members communicate, but it shouldn’t end up as cider team, it’s supposed to end up as cider radio.
If you haven’t modified your cider install at all, delete it and put a new one in.

I have tryed, but it still not working.
Hmm Lexic, do you know how fix hands, so they making the animation when you punch