cider rp....a few questions

some one most likely have all ready asked this but i couldnt find the thread…any way here goes…

i installed cider to my server but cannot get it to start…yes i am new to this but i have turned to the community for help.

so please dnt flame me…many thanks…also would i need an sql database set up.

if any one could help they may be some payment to them…not much but enough for a beer XD…

many thanks

N00000000000B! no im kidding.
but seriously, we arent here to take the piss out of you, or give you advice in payment for a beer. u dont need to offer payment for help, this is a help forum! we help because we are bored, or enjoy helping people.

anyway, so just to check up on a few things;
are you running a dedicated server, or a listen server? what exactly have you tried to try and get it to work, and in what way is it not working? because its simple enough. you get the gamemode, you take it, and you put it in your/your servers gamemode folder, and then just pick it in the options, but if you are running a dedicated, you will have to add the command

+sv_defaultgamemode gamemodename

into the startup line.

yes i am running a dedicated server… well ive uploaded the files and restarted the server…haha told you i was a noob… ahh so should i put +sv_defaultgamemode ciderrp then?

yep. jusst about :slight_smile: just add it in with the others somewhere. doesnt have to be in any order i dont think.

 c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map rp_downtown_v2 +sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP +fps_max 600 -tickrate 33 -maxplayers 10 -autoupdate 

theres mine for example.
(ignore the extra bits i added onto mine :wink:

in the server.cfg or?

no, into your startup line. what do you use to run your server? (what line) should be a .bat file yea?


so for example. to start my server i have this pasted into a notepad

@echo off
echo Protecting srcds from crashes...
echo If you want to close srcds and this script, close the srcds window and type Y depending on your language followed by Enter.
title srcds Watchdog
echo (%time%) srcds started.
**start /wait c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map rp_downtown_v2 +sv_gamemode DarkRP +sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP +fps_max 600 -tickrate 33 -maxplayers 10 -autoupdate**
echo (%time%) WARNING: srcds closed or crashed, restarting.
goto srcds

then i save it as a .bat file (a batch file, runs commands for you so you dont have to do it manually)
and i excecute it and then my server starts up in the console (using only the line in bold) and all the rest is like a crash safetey thing, where if the server crashes, it will reboot.

er i dunno mate…see im compltey lost thats why i need help

ok, so do you know how to run your server?

still confused…i dont know where to find the files or anything…ive tried editing it on tca admin but that didnt work…see i need a coder or soemthing to do my server for me cus i aint got a clue

ok, so i was just assuming that you had already made it by your context? well ok, you are gona wanna go here then

well ive added it to the server.cfg but it still nt loading up…can any one do this for me…ty

because u did it wrong… ur not sposed to add it to the server. you add it to the Startup line

if you followed the instructions correctly, then your startup line should look like this;

c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_flatgrass +sv_deafultgamemode Ciderrp -maxplayers 10 -autoupdate

well i carnt add it through the admin panel so where excatly is the file located on the ftp server…as ive tried onpening the scrds.exe but that didnt work


as this is what my command line is allready…but it wont let me edit it on the tca admin panel

-console -game garrysmod +ip -port 27018 +maxplayers 18 +exec server.cfg +map gm_construct

also i think mines a listen server lols

u dont need to tell it to execute the server, it will do it automaticly. and you forgot the gamemode. why cant you edit it?

well when i click new…this is what comes up

Command Line Name:
Select Command Description Value
+exec Execute config command?
+sv_defaultgamemode Set A Default Game Type Command?
+map Set defualt start map. Command?

so what do i add in the command part for each section cus i try adding ciderrp to the +sv_defaultgamemode and it dosnt work

you cant edit default gamemode from the remote console (rcon). you have to do it in the command line where you execute the server. Dont try to run the .exe already with the folder, it wont work. you have to make your own bat file out of a notepad.

soo wheres that? for me to edit?