cider rp /radio dossnt show text in chat but in console

– Say a message as a radio broadcast.
function cider.player.sayRadio(player, text)
local recipients = team.GetPlayers( player:Team() );

-- Adjust the radio recipients for this player.
hook.Call("PlayerAdjustRadioRecipients", GAMEMODE, player, text, recipients);

-- Loop through every recipient.
for k, v in pairs(recipients) do cider.chatBox.add(v, player, "radio", text); end;


elseif (class == “radio”) then
cider.chatBox.messageAdd( {"(Radio)"}, nil, { name…": "…text, Color(150, 225, 75, 255) }, filtered);

– A command to send a message to all players on the same team.
cider.command.add(“radio”, “b”, 1, function(player, arguments)
local text = table.concat(arguments, " ");

-- Say a message as a radio broadcast.
cider.player.sayRadio(player, text);

end, “Commands”, “<text>”, “Send a message to all players on your team.”);

– Called when a player’s radio recipients should be adjusted.
function GM:PlayerAdjustRadioRecipients(player, text, recipients) end;

when i do /radio it dossent show text in chat but i can see it in console please help

Please use [lua] tags around your code please, Then I might be able to read it properly and help.

ok i will do that in just a sec ty mate :slight_smile: