Cider script.

Can someone finally give me the solution the the Rp Cider black screen stuck?
I’ve been browsing and I didnt find it :[

Hey i can help you, you need a mysql database add me on steamID: shane_man

what’s your steam id so i know which one to add. Because i got 100s of friend requests and i don’t know which one is you.

iv added you
Steam - rezurection

I’ll fix it for you right away.
First you’ll need a Database. I recommend Easy and great place to have your Database free. Once you finished making the database you’ll need to import the:: Player.sql :: into the database you made. This is one of the important things. You’ll need to customizer the:: sv_configuration :: You find it at: Gamemode/cider/gamemode/core with the password you’ll use when you log in on the It’s should be like this.

Name: “sv_configuration.lua”.
Product: “Cider (Roleplay)”.

cider.configuration[“MySQL Host”] = “”; – The host that your MySQL database is located.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Username”] = “boozerbearcider”; – The username that you log into MySQL with.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Password”] = “IllRecOmmENDaStrOngPAssW0rd”; – The password that you log into MySQL with.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Database”] = “boozerbearchralex”; – The name of the database that we’ll be using.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Table”] = “players”; – The name of the table where the player data is stored.[/lua]

Once you done with that, you have a cider server up and rollin’

HOLY SHIT THIS POST IS FROM 4th May 2009 LOOOOOOL I didn’t notice that, it was at the start scree in Request! :smiley: