Cider Tabs

Hi i am wondering how to get tabs in the cider gamemode i have been trying to a while now and i still don’t know, can someone tell me how to make them.

I do not know how to make tabs in Cider, but I can give you a lesson in forum ethics:
Saying “don’t ban me if I did something against the rules” doesn’t work.

Please fill in this questionnaire.

  1. Do you know how to program Lua at all competently?
  2. Do you know anything at all about Derma?
  3. Have you heard about our Wiki?
    If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, modifying Cider is not for you.
    It’s an excessively complicated badly written pile of shit that needs to be heavily rewritten to be at all secure or efficient.
    Try DarkRP. I have read that it is very good and not at all a minge fest.

I have got cider to work but i want tabs so i can put items from the store into separte tabs.