Cider Vehicle Plugin

hello , does anyone out there have a cider vehicle plugin? , or do you know a site with plugins? , please tell me.



i may pay for it.


I have been searching for this too.
Would be nice if someone would release it.

I doubt anyone will though.
Perhaps you could learn Lua, write one yourself and then release it?
Before you ask, mine is completely incompatible with Cider.

Many peoples are too lazy to do it. Like me.

Ah well, that’s a shame.
Good luck on your quest then.

but applejack is cider…

Nope. It started off as Cider and has been getting as far away from cider as it can ever since.
My plugin, item and ownership systems are completely different to cider’s (I’m not sure Cider even has an ownership system), and my Vehicles plugin uses all of those.

yeah i know :slight_smile: , but what if i pay you ?

…What if you pay me?

will you make me a vehicle plugin if i pay u?

No. Cider sucks and I don’t want to have anything to do with it.


Not even for money, Lexic? :o

Well. Maybe for very large amounts of money.

how much? i offer 20$ USD

I think you and I have a rather different ideas of what “very large” means.

Buy CiderTwo, or pay lexi either way. Your gonna loose 400$

Hey, I only want $300. I’m not greedy like kuro :3:

He still sells the hl2 schema for 300 cidertwo is 400 :3:

Anyways, pay up!