CiderRP Troubles.

I Have installed CiderRP On my server,I Made the databases etc,done the libmysql.dll And it Just wont work,I Tryed everything with the config. I dont know what is wrong with this,so if anyone can help then reply please…


Post your config

Name: “sv_configuration.lua”.
Product: “Cider (Roleplay)”.

cider.configuration[“MySQL Host”] = “localhost”; – The host that your MySQL database is located.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Username”] = “root”; – The username that you log into MySQL with.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Password”] = “root”; – The password that you log into MySQL with.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Database”] = “rp”; – The name of the database that we’ll be using.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Table”] = “players”; – The name of the table where the player data is stored.

And export your mysql table.

can u pm me ur steam name so u can help me quickly?

I can help you i know how to do cider i owned a 24/7 cider server. If you want help add me on steam. Add shane_man Thanks and i can help you:)