Alright, so i’ve been searching the forums, looking for Cider. Can’t seem to find it. Does ANY one know of a free ciderRP gamemode ported for GMod 13?


There aren’t any free converted ones out there at the moment. I have been working on converting one, but I can’t fix the databases.

Fix the databases? What do you mean?

The old version of cider I’m converting uses a strange third party database that I have no idea how to use, so I’m trying to make it work with tmysql.

Well, then what about apple jack? And when you fix CiderRP, please tell me :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a link to a fixed version of CiderRP I found.

From 6 months ago…i’ll test it. Hope there is no back-doors.

6 months ago is a hell of a lot better than the version from 2007-2008, and you can easily find and remove backdoors in LUA if there are any.

Ok, thank you for the help. I’m setting up my database right now.

I’ll tell you if it works. :wink:

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Do you know how much I want to fu**ing hug you right now? No lua errors logged so far, server start up = working, now to join.


Lua error:
[ERROR] gamemodes/cider/gamemode/init.lua:7: Couldn’t load module library!

  1. require - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - gamemodes/cider/gamemode/init.lua:7

You need tmysql4.


And I have all the mysql stuff needed. That’s how I connected ULX to the database.

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Found them, but, need to know how to install :l

Oh, you found a version already using tmysql? Thank you so much

Does not work.
Just restarts the server.

Loading tmysql module…
Fetching Workshop Addons…
Calling GetCollectionDetails

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I would really like some help on this, this is my dream gamemode. Every thing works fine, its just tmysql.

I’ve tried to make it mysqloo, but I got one last error every thing is fixed on the mysqloo but this:

[ERROR] gamemodes/cider/gamemode/core/libraries/sv_player.lua:585: attempt to index global ‘Database’ (a nil value)

  1. loadData - gamemodes/cider/gamemode/core/libraries/sv_player.lua:585
  2. unknown - gamemodes/cider/gamemode/init.lua:712
    Edit 2:
    Went back to tmysql.

Loading tmysql module…

[ERROR] gamemodes/cider/gamemode/init.lua:7: Couldn’t load module library!

  1. require - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - gamemodes/cider/gamemode/init.lua:7

Couldn’t Load Init Script: ‘cider/gamemode/init.lua’

I bet you have an outdated version of tmysql.

Were can I find the new one please? Anyone?

Use google. Don’t make everyone chew it for you.

Why are you so blunt towards pretty much everyone?

Not intentionally being rude. But why ask someone to dig it for you. It’s pretty much the first or second hit on Google. I think it’s rude to sit back and have others do your research/work.

He’s not asking you to physically do it for him, is he? He’s asking for help, which is okay. Where does he say “Go on google and look for this for me please”?

He’s asking ‘where can I find a new version then?’. If he types the module name in google it pops up on first result with latest version. Instead of asking dumb shit, he could just google it and at least try findin it himself. Instead of him assuming he wont find it anyways or being suggestibe for a link. Or would you rather have me reply him with ‘google’?