Cigars, Money and Boobs

Mendel told me to post this here because hes too lazy. Enjoy.

And here is some embarrassing bloopers from it:


But I wanted the Geiger counter…
Pretty damn good animation.

Holy shit that is some amazing editing and animation. Loved it!

I don’t know what kind of turbo system that guy uses, but I want it.

That was boss.


I laughed, did you use NPC Scene at all, it seems to be broken. Great shit dude.

Oh god that turbo is intense?

Voice acting was ok I guess.

Hahahahaha oh shit

It’s like a bastard child of Quentin Tarantino and Michael Bay

Wtf just happened?! Explosion everywhere! Looks cool.

Why the hell did you make him say it’s a Lamborghini when it’s clearly a Ferrari?

I wanted to make the guy look as ignorant as possible.

Okay, so that was awesome.

Better than anything I could make.

Oh hey, Faraon rated himself.

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Awesome video.

faraon is unamused

Who is faroan?


Some butthurt Russian loser furry animal rights activist.
He rates everyone dumb don’t worry.