Cinamatic Drag Race : Dodge Charger Vs. Intercepter

A simple drag race with some cool editing done in Sony Vegas 8.0


They look abit slow, and I’d appreciate hearing the engines.

Good quality video, music, and nice camera work.

i really like the 360 degree camera.

agreed, this was alright. but some still camera parts could’ve been moving ones to make it more cinematic. or add little bit of shake and dramatic zoom to sync with music.

Considering this was my second time using Vegas 8.0

I didn’t think this was that bad, and i coulden’t put in any car sounds because i had music in the background while i was recording…and i use FRAPS…

It was not great.

Max, to respond to your post, yes you could have added music, just add a second audio layer in vegas and retrive the sounds from the garrysmod folder. Using FRAPS does not diminish your ability to do that. Second, you should never have music on while you’re filming, I’ve done entire movies like that and have had to delete them.

For the rest of it, it was average, your camera angles were just bland and uninteresting. However, I loved your videogame-inspired 360 degree rotation, that was quite cool. Aside from that, your camera angles were much too long for a car chase and awfully uninspired.

This movie needs color correction, try playing around with the CC settings/Color Curves. Combine effects, play around with the sliders, you’ll get a very unique and polished result. And make sure when you render the movie, you use the correct settings. Can’t have letterboxing :eng101:



However, I must know what that map is.

A map that a friend made for me,

There WON’T be a release

Geogzm it still easily could be made in hammer editor, it’s basically a desert road… you could try rp_crcdesert


this was pretty good, I enjoyed it

Cool… nice to know people enjoyed it…

If you look at my Asianmatrix video, I have a two minute car chase, maybe you can get some inspiration for your next video on that.