Cinder Melon

Hey, I finally release my first SWEP! I began two years ago, but I wasn"t working on it “seriously”, that means working on this once a month. So a week ago I took the code, gave it to my master (he whips me less and less because I do less errors), he told me what’s wrong, whipped me again and I checked it.
In fact, my master almost did everything. The idea is from his genius mind, he taught me, so I haven’t done much, except at the end, when I started being independant.

Er, sorry, who cares about my life? So here’s the thing: you shoot a watermelon with the left click and you explode it with the right click. When you explode it, the Cinder Melon counts all the targets it can, and finally shots cinder blocks in the targets. It’s pretty effective with motionless targets and not strong ones (don’t try with Hunters for example). Anyway it’s pretty awesome to see cinder blocks going really fast into the head of NPCs :smiley:
Oh, I forgot, you can change the number of cinder blocks thrown. tydax_cindermelon_maxblock and the number you want, make your computer lag, make gmod crash with 1337, do whatever you want. I set it to 15 by default, because it is both nice-looking and not laggy.

Yeah I know, there are some errors, some things to fix, I need my master’s help for those.

Have fun with the cinder blocks!

By the way, I’ll post a video tomorrow, too tired to wait until the end of the encoding of the video.

So to put this in short, the melon is like a shrapnel grenade that bursts into cinder blocks?

The melon doesn’t throw melon but cinder blocks.
Anyway I didn’t know we call these weapons like this, thanks.

Looks good.

Looks very pretty

Hmm. A creative and a non-copy-paste first swep? Cool.

Sounds interesting.
I hope you enjoyed making it :slight_smile:

Empty_Shadow : I did :slight_smile:
By the way, I got some trouble, I set the PhysicsAttacker on my Cinder Blocks, but it still doesn’t work. Any idea?

EDIT: Ok, I added the cvar command and the video.

Suprisingly original.
I like it.

Update it, it doesnt work for me. When i shoot the melon, it doesnt explode. the melon freezes in the air and the cinderblocks stay in the spot and they havent got physics (It only shows them) and it gives me tons of errors, Fix it if you can.

What the hell? Never got trouble like this. Can you give me screenshots, a video or the errors?

Oh, sorry about that. Problem fixed, it was the “Framenet” mod that i had. It works now. Awesome swep! btw i rated you a Artistic.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Video reminds me of _Kilburn’s Melonium video.
And its kinda ironic since this SWEP also uses melons.

o rly
_Kilburn is my master, yeah, the one who whips me. But I didn’t copy the idea from his Melonium, because 1. it’s his own idea 2. he got it a long long time ago 3. he knew I love cinder blocks.
But true, my video looks like his, because I love this way to introduce a SWEP.

I don’t even remember that was my idea, actually.

The idea was to show no spawnmenu at all, and put the weapon in a mini scenery where you would pick it up without opening the spawnmenu while recording. You could have spawned it on a table, or something like that.

Oh, so I see he showed you BSW.
Awesome, Isn’t it?

I knew _Kilburn would be behind some of this, You could tell from the melons…

Kilburn is behind everything. He is the not-so-evil mastermind of the whole world. He scripts the weather, the animals, the humen and makes us believe that we were all created by a person called “God”.

So “God” Is apparently french?