Cinema Additions


I am looking for a bit of helping with adding a feature to the Cinema game mode, it ain’t a big feature it is just checking if someone is in a certain rank and if they ain’t and try going into a certain area of the map they get re-spawned with a message.

Basically I use ASSmod on the Cinema game mode and I use the theater_nexmultiplex_m1 map, I would like it to check if someone is in the VIP rank (From ASSmod) and if they ain’t and try going into the VIP Theater/Lounge on the map they get re-spawned and a message on the right hand side saying that they need to be VIP to go into the VIP Theater appears.

I don’t know much about LUA, just a few bits I learned from a old friend of mine but that was for Garry’s Mod 12, I have tried what I learned but nothing seems to be working so I thought I would come on here and ask the help of people that know.

Thank you in advance.

I wouldn’t use ass-mod for a cinema server you should just make a simple kick and ban feature and give permissions to your admins only. And as for the respawn msg what you really want is a msg that pops up on your screen saying you must be vip and it wont let you enter. This would be simple to do. Just spend about two hours on and watch a few tutorials and you will be able to figure out how to do this and improve your lua skills. Instead of some one else spoon feeding you.

Use this:

That isn’t English and it isn’t what he asked for?

You download it in English form, if you had downloaded it yourself.

That’s not even what I asked for, in fact it is no where near.

That’s the thing, I am unable to to spend that two hours due to other things (personal) and would like some help with it as I would expect its just a simple bit of code and knowing where to put it.

I would really appreciate the help.

I don’t know how well you server would runn because when garry makes a update it may just mess up your whole gamemode. I highly recommend learning lua.

Again, I would learn LUA and would love to learn LUA, but time is short for me as I am just starting a new job, which is why I have come here for help.

Once I have working code right now, I could update it when possible as I do know basics, and Google is available.

But I need something to start me off.

And this:

The VIP feature has now been done.