Cinema Gamemode

Cinema Gamemode

Probably the most peaceful gamemode that Gmod has. Where people just get together to promise and watch movies (youtube memes) in a social circle.
But now it’s time to move it and s&box.
And in view of the new scale in the new format.

Main Planned Features are very simple:
Theaters (I wonder how it’s doing with video format support and how stable the framework is at the moment)
Advance model editor (skin/animations/etc)
Event (sandbox) zones
Also, expand the map auto event with mini-games
VR/Non-VR (VRchathello)

Kioshka (Design,Mapping)
Octaver (Mapping, Coding)
Nova (Coding)
Tristan885 (Coding)

[ET cinema] (Steam Community :: Group :: Equestria Team)
[KNAB Cinema] (Steam Community :: Group :: Die Hutknabbrer Gang)
Also ours workshops pages

Current Status:
Map development is underway (so far only in HL:A) because nokeys ¯\(ツ)
HTML part (much video services support is already done)


what links will be possible in this gamemode (planned)? :smiley: for sure or? :smiley:

feels like vr chat :stuck_out_tongue:

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@D4KiR youtube/twitch/soundcloud/vk/ Daily Motion/Vimeo/Google Drive/Dropbox
Also direct link from any host, since we can use FMPEG to get video thumbs and length.


I also stayed in the habit of using dev textures for map prototyping, gray for floors/ceilings and orange for walls. I just use the default material now, too lazy to change it.

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Food :clinking_glasses:

This is pretty cool!

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Looks fun. Clean map!

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