Cinema House final v3 *FIX*

Here! you asked for it now get it.

What about downloading Source SDK, opening hammer, and make a real map?

I concur.

agreed, looks like a two minute job and i don’t remember asking for it…

I’ve seen better cinema contraptions anyway.

I think private screening may have been a better name choice. Either way, unless you run your own server, it seems most advance dupe enabled server privileges are admin only, compared to the times allowed before.

However, a real cinema map does exist. I wish I could remember, on the weekends there is this gmod movie theater server, that actually has working seats, and a giant screen, this cinema house seems like a private screening thing, with that flat panel television and the low amount of seats, compared to the movie theater map. Whoever the admin is at the movie theater though, will actually play real 2 hour long movies or something, instead of playing random youtube videos which have to be voted for. Just like a real movie theater, it also has lines, and people using the bathroom, and talking during the show, not to mention playing with the lights when their not suppose to. Just type in theater in the search bar of garrys mod’s official dl site, if you want that map, or connect to the gm movie night server to immediately show jump without getting busted for not paying to watch whatever real movie is playing.

nice :smiley: