Cinema PointShop Video Rewards


I got all my stuff setup for my cinema server. I wrote in the player models, etc etc. It is all working fine and dandy. I also got the anti-afk system written into the pointshop. The one issue I am currently having and/or would like to resolve to make the server more fun is to move away from time rewards. I have the standard pointshop master set to award points every 15 minutes. I want to push away from that and use the Cinema game mode to award a video length as credits.


Server sees the video finish and posts into the chat in the local room (Team Chat) stating that the video has ended and x amount of credits have been awarded and it only gets awarded to the people in the room itself, not the whole server as this would cause conflict to all other rooms.

I tried searching and I do not see anything that may assist with that. Is there a way to get this working or any base addon that can be implemented to be configured for this? If not, can someone work with me to getting this setup?