Cinema_playground (Portal 2)

Hi. So, I’ve been making this playground map.
Now that it’s finished, I’d like to share it with you guys. (First release!)

Why cinema? Well, there are areas on the map, where you can watch a short movie (the ones, that go with Portal, not actual films :v:).

Map features a large main room and seven smaller rooms with various test elements. And a Behind the Scenes area.

Screenshots:[/t] [t][/t]
[t][/t] [t]

Map is for both SP and CO-OP (better co-op though).


Your lighting in general is pretty awful. Portal 2’s lighting has more of a contrast, makes it feel more artificial and underground.

In my opinion the lighting looks great and just fine for a Portal 2 map.

This looks like a really good map.

Would be cool if there was a way to fill the big room with one fluid, just like the other map in the general mapping section. (The pictures made it look like there was).
Except from that this map is way better.

There’s a laser catcher next to catapults. It paints walls with bounce gel. And buttons below it paint floor (bounce and speed).

Where do I put this? Never installed a portal 2 map.

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Never mind. Readme.txt.