Cinematic Camera Test

Description: Another quick video to enhance my editing techniques using Sony Vegas Pro 9. I used a mod called Catmull-Rom Cinematic Cameras to get the smooth angles, you can download it here:

Song: Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us.

Cinematic camera tests/clips are a good way to start. You may want to find a new recorder, I noticed some lag.
Try wegames if your using fraps.
or learn source recorder, the sooner the better.

Yeah your right. I really want to learn how to use Source Recorder but there isn’t a decent tutorial out there.

Look at max’s, its only 3 commands to use it, and one program you use outside of game.
sv_cheats 1
Host_framerate 30
startmovie NAME raw

You get TGA files in your gmod folder, each one is a frame, and a sound file, use virtual dub to put them together, you wont lose any quality or FPS if you do it right.

Thanks, is it on his channel?

I dont think so, just do a thread search on him.

If learning source recorder is too much for you, simply record with Fraps with host_timescale set to 0.5. Double the speed to 200% once you start editing the footage.

I just want to find out how to use Catmull cameras T_T

Catmull camera is a joy to work with. What map was that?

Hey, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


It isn’t that hard, just spend some time messing around it :slight_smile:


I don’t have a clue what the exact name of the map is called but it’s under the Half-Life 2 Campaign maps :slight_smile:

I do have some issues with Catmull, I so wish I could lua script. When it zooms in, the camera has to zoom out briefly and then go in, which I find really annoying, and I wish there was just a built-in handheld camera effect as well.

This is just me, maybe its a placebo effect, but I notice that the catermull camera looks better/runs the track better when you film with the source recorder.
Something looks different, its not FPS or quality, but the movement seems different when you film with source recorder.
Try recording it with SR fumples, tell me if you can see a difference, because i can.

Instead of “startmovie NAME raw” Put startmovie NAME avi then pick your codec and start playing the demo.

It saves it as an uncompressed AVI that you can edit.

If you don’t know already, you can adjust the framerate which source recorder records at with host_framerate; can be very useful, especially for slow-motion.

you get poor quality.

so u say, if i have like 3000 Wooden crates, and then nuke it, and it would lagg EXTREMELY, and using 99% of my CPU, but it Wont Crash, will the vid show everthing flawless?

It indeed does, because calculations are much more accurate when Source limits its framerate by itself (via its internal recorder) instead of having it set by Fraps (which is external, arbitrary, and not guaranteed to be stable)


it would!

So thats why ghost had camera angles that looked like it couldn’t of been done with cat camera.

The link to the camera broke.