Cinematic Car Props for Map or Movie

Decided to take a break from porting from Halo, and turn to another pretty game.

Civilian car objects from Crysis 2, did these for no reason other than wanting cars for Source Engine that look modern.

Compiled as static prop, has $mostlyopaque for SFM users, optimized for mappers, each prop has many skins, and each vehicle has multiple skin

Does not have bones, sorry.
You do not need my permission to re-upload, use in map or movie, decompile, etc. Feel free to use them!**

Ammo Truck
Mercedes Clone (saloon)
Dodge Charger Clone (big saloon)
Kia Sorento Clone (xuv/crossover)
Ford Mustang Clone (sport coupe)
Freightliner Clone (lorry)
Destroyed Taxi
Cell SWAT Truck

Every vehicle save for the swat and ammo trucks have a destroyed/burn version

Get them here:

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Feel free to request more models from Cryengine games.

Solid release. It’s nice that you took the time to maximize compatibility. I’d say they wouldn’t hurt with some simple rigging and bone structures though. mirror added, will add workshop version soon.

Good release.
Maybe release the source files so whoever can skin some bones on there for the steering wheel, the wheels, the windshield wipers, doors, etc. for SFM users

Original model did not have bones, but I can release the .max files for these if anyone ask

Don’t suppose you could port the small Pickup from the original Crysis, could you? Preferably with a 3DS file as well? I’m referring to this little bugger:

I’d like to do some model hacks with it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I saw a Black Hawk helicopter in one of the missions of Crysis 2. You can only see it for about 10 seconds or so.


However, these are the only screenshots I’ve found of it.

If it’s possible could you try porting it? If it’s not, could you try getting the C-18 plane from Crysis?
It’s this plane…


Your private messages are off, so I’m putting this here.

I could get that one fairly easily.

It’d be much-appreciated if you did! I think it’d also be a pretty good addition to your tunnel maps, which are pretty damn cool already. Keep up the good work!

That remind me, I should update that monster of a map again, it would use it

Damn, that’s a very nice S-Class.

FloaterTWO ported the C17 though.

That C-18 would be ass-reaper great to have. And I think it’s available somewhere in the internet.

Nice. Can’t wait to use these for future scene builds.

I have seen the files for the wrecked version of the Blackhawk, but as far as I can tell, the intact one was cut from the final game.

I will grab the C-18 though.

Think you could grab some foliage from Crysis/2? Preferably jungle plants like palms/canopies/whatever?

I found the Blackhawk, but actual model is very very low-resolution

Oh, okay. Nevermind then. Thanks though.

Some things I missed earlier, will make an updated version soon, and hopefully will go on workshop too.

Hey Fox, any word on that pickup?