Cinematic crap

Needs cinematic vignettes

but still, nice job

set your graphics settings to the fullest before taking pics

I know this isn’t about the pictures themselves, but could you provide a link for those police officer models in the second picture? I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

I found it on an old Facepunch post. The files say its by some guy named “Taggart”
If i can find the link again, i’ll let you know.

Ah yes, I can still remember the days when “black bars” were all the rage.

Like the days of “screenshot movies” :v:

hey, I still use black bars :v:

Found the Police models.
Minimole posted it on this page here. Just scroll down, you should find it.

Don’t use NPCs for serious pictures.

Don’t use the standard DOF. Use Super DOF.

Fire up your graphic settings before taking a picture.

Dat’ blur 'n bloom from the 2nd and 3rd images… I also recommend you not to use NPC’s

Did you actually make all of these? The posing and effects skill seems to vary between poses.

Yeah i made these.

I’ve ordered them from when i made them. The one on the top with the rebels carrying the suitcase is the newest, going down you see the older ones.

You can kinda see how the how they aren’t as good as you go down.

The others are fine.
But the posing of that one is just… bad.

I think i’m gonna retry that one.

“BLAG! REMASTERED IN HD!!!1!1111!”!!"!"!


Totaly redid the shitty one.


My friends are starting to call me Michael Bay…

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“It only took 7 hours”