Cinematic Machinima Test (Epic airplane scene) [WIP]

So yeah I didn’t post anything in a while about machinima, so this is what i’ve been working on today I will try to finish the whole video this/next week.

Tell me what you think.

Why are they making seagull noises when they’re pigeons?

I first made the Audio and than the video, the Seagulls didn’t feel like co-operating so i used the pigeons and I still didn’t chance the sound.

Alternative edition with Bird blood

Blood looks horrible. First one was spot on. Apart from the sea pigeons.

Must be some some big birds if they make that much blood.

Good and I liked it, but the blood needs some major work.

You might want to increase the sense of motion, and the punchline is hampered by the distance from the cockpit.


what are you talking about, those are seagulls

this is a pigeon: