cinematic mod 10

I think cinematic mod 10 looks like a big step up in HD models and I was hoping someone could bring them over to gmod and Hex the models. (the characters)

heres a link to the site in case anyone wants to help.


its a start, but im not sure thats the real CM10 model, I think its from another one.

Yes it is.
And it’s ugly, and exactly the reason why most people don’t feel urge to hex facefactory’s new stuff.

I think the reason is that Fake Factory models to how he himself perceives the world.
In this case Alyx is like a fuckugly version of the overrated transformer chick (Which to whom Fake Factory masturbates every night), and so the other characters have the same fucked up contrast.

not that it matters, but I found it online, those are from beta3, not the final.

What’s the difference between the Beta and Final. I had the final for a while and they look the same. Either way, I want the HD version of Barney. He looks more like a badass and less like a fat loser.

Don’t mind Exorade, he never has anything positive to say about anything and assumes his opinions are the only right ones.

That’s nonsense.

It it? Is it really?

Yap, I only have negative things to say to people who say stupid shit. (And, you’ve been around for a month, you don’t know me, it’s a shame you decided to make an analyze of my personality based on few request threads in the request forum.) Besides, OP requested someone to hex Fakefactory’s new stuff because “they are a new step in HD models”, the only problem is that most people don’t feel like wasting their time to hex Fakefactory’s new stuff because most of the models are ugly.

For example what’s the difference between the original and the fakefactory’s version?

The original:
Fakefactory CM10:

I’ve been coming here for much longer than a month, nabbing releases und such, I just didn’t get an account until recently. Furthermore, Fakefactory haters tend to use the worst screenshots to make their case. They never have a picture of the FF Alyx with just a normal straight face and more often than not, they use screenshots of the old models and not the CM 10 ones (this one doesn’t apply to you, I’m just sayin’). To me, it seems the vast majority of FF haters base their opinions of the FF mod on screenshots n “propaganda” and not actual downloads.

To answer your final question, the CM10 model is still better even with the expression on her face. It’s much smoother and the textures look more real. Even with the artistic crap covering up most of the normal Alyx, you can tell she is videogame character right off the back. Though I have to say I always hated that FF gun as it’s too small and the clothing textures for the citizens.

Finally, the chick is based off a Brazilian super model named Adriana Lima and the modeler got the look down perfectly. The FF guy said he made the mod just so he could figure out how to do 3D modeling and only released it because he likes to share his work. I don’t see why that warranted a whole group of Valve and Alyx fanboys jumping down his throat over a god damned videogame. It’s not like the gameplay changed and in the end that’s all that counts.

small bump.

how about just the main characters? (barney, alyx, mossman, breen etc.)