Cinematic Real Time Motion Blur

Over a while now I have been looking for a real time motion blur effect that would not effect the visible frames like the one included by default, but instead like the motion blur effect seen on Tf2 recordings, to give more of a ‘Crysis’ feel. Another idea I have also thought of was basing the motion blur effect on any pixel moving and outputting a transparent trail the opposite of the direction the pixel is moving, or just tracking an entire object’s movement instead. It’s hard to put into words, but basically I’m looking more than just blur based on movement speed, taking to the extent of any moving object or viewmodel.
I’m no LUA coder, but I have tried to modify/add to and failed:
-Leeroy’s “more motion blur v2” script (I got it to work,don’t tell me I didn’t fix the comment error)

-Modifying default motion blur
-Extending bloom effect (I don’t know why I tried this)

If you know any addons that already have this, I would really appreciate it, I know I’m asking for a lot but I’m surprised this hasn’t come out yet. Go ahead and criticize, I don’t know anything much about coding for the source engine.

EDIT: Got a beta key a while ago, tried out the “Frame Blending” effect and it works exactly how I would have thought of it.

I think garry is actually implementing proper shutter blur, I noticed he did a screenshot in the “Update 18” thread and somewhere else mentioned it as “shutter blur”. Looks like it may actually happen, woo

Its only going to be a demo option, not real time.

looks like you were wrong
the shutter blur is amazing

I just tried Frame Blending with Gmod 13, just what I asked for. However, I don’t have a kickass computer (AMD Radeon 6450) and my fps goes from 60 to 3.