Circle-No Dura-No Fall dmg- Sleepers-1/4 Craft-Revolver Kit-Tpa-factions-Door Sharing

Server Name-Circle

Server IP&Port- (if you want to connect without searching through the server list, go into your console [F1] and type “net.connect” without quotations)

Server Slots-50 players

Server information-
No durability-1/4 crafting time-Revolver kit (Basic)-No fall damage- Sleepers-Tpa

Rust Essentials

Hey guys i just started my own server mainly for friends, however i feel it would be pretty cool to have more than just my friends on here. I mean most of the fun in this game is killing others and raiding their bases right? I have most of the small things ironed out, but i’m open to suggestions when it comes to changing things (I.E. Crafting times, kits,ETC). If the server gets enough positive feedback i will also increase the Player capacity along with other things… I am open to adding special kits and perks to anyone who wants to help fund the improvement of the server by donating (still thinking about this part, since im sure it will get some negative feedback. in which case i more than likely wont allow donation perks.)

anyway, feel free to come join in! The server is Brand new, completely fresh as of 5/04/2014