Circular Saw Concept?

I made a simple 3d model for a circular saw. In game it could be used as a high tier harvesting tool or it can be used to grind through doors and buildings.
Here’s some screenshots…

why this and not a chainsaw?

Because “Man-Opener”, get it?

Well, a chainsaw would require much more engineering for the fact that it requires a centrifugal clutch, whereas this circular saw is just a motor, gear train, and blade.

he said circular saw

but this is more like a stihl saw

Not the newest idea :3

awww, i miss franky with his awesome concept art and wacky ideas.

I like the idea. Like a endgame hatchet.

Not “Rust” enough.

I was thinking more along the lines of combining a bicycle frame and wheel with a lawnmower motor and some barbed wire (to wind around the tireless rim of the bicycle wheel)

I was actually thinking that like 3 days ago.

well wouldn’t an circular saw have to run on a high grade fuel?

I just whipped up a quick 3d model, didn’t want to get super in depth with it.

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Well, there isn’t any tiered fuel system yet, so the crappy low grade fuel would damage the motor quite a bit.