circus Biplane *new*

as the title suggests, my thread for my ancient Steerman dingo or curtis JN-4 was not epicly bumbed. This is a new one, it is significantly better then those two. It is W S A D fin controled. I was going to fin power it too, but the propeller was looking too good for me to remove it and use bars. Its more elegant in flight this way. 100% vanilla props and some wire.

I should probably use some brighter materials, its awefully dark :v:

You can put a bottle of water on the hook and fly aid to haiti.

lol. the tailhook, is a, hook. No pun intended. I swear it was coincidental. :v:

Not bad

Why is the front a

ceiling fan?

I think it’s meh. Nothing special, but not that bad either.

i wanted to keep it vanilla, so a friend of mine and I were searching for some good non addon propellers. So he finds this CSS ceiling fan, and it didn’t look bad. lol. good eye

Why isn’t the front of YOUR plane a ceiling fan?

Because I don’t MAKE planes :razz:

I think it looks really good. Most of the biplanes i see look like toys, this one looks actually pretty realistic.

I like the ceiling fan as the propeller.

lol. So do I. The propeller went through several evolutions. I primarily like the way its blades are angled, so it alooks realistic, at least as realistic as a ceiling fan can look

its :razz:

are you suggesting it is a revolution?