Citadel is infiltrated, Breen is going down. FPS style

Here’s something I made. My first thread even.
I had the idea of Gordon breaching the citadel to kill Breen, with lots of combine soldiers about to nail him.
I’m not experienced at posing yet, so it was taking a lot of time just to do the one soldier pose I made. I got tired of it, and ended up copying it. I know it makes the whole thing worse, but fuck it, it’s not a gmod exam, so I’m free to worsen the image if I want to.
The whole scene could use a lot more props too, but I wanted to try out things in photoshop instead, and I wasn’t sure what to put in there, so I just left the scene as is.
Anyway, I put some new texture on his jacket, his hand, and face, as an experiment to see how it would mix. I think it ended up alright. His elbow has also been fixed. With my posing skills, it looked strange.
And it’s not an entirely new image, so I’m not about to go back and change things. But I’d like some useful C&C. Both for gmod and photoshop. Some things I already know of, like the area around his elbow, but I can’t be bothered changing it now. Just hope you’ve got some ideas that could make me better at this.

Comparison with original

Duping ragdolls without changing their pose at all is a bad idea, especially ones that aren’t particuarily well posed in the first place.

All the combine elites look like they’re trying to take a shit whilst trying to fire their guns the hip really awkwardly.

Please don’t use duplications.
I don’t know what to think of you using V_models.
The washed out colors are unappealing.
The pose on the duped elites looks awkward.
I like what you did with the textures.

Well that sucks. Not very useful info though.

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The original colors just looked plain ugly. I tried to make it more interesting by adding the blur effect. Guess it’s not all successful.
What’s V_models though? Besides being what I’m obviously using. Is it just the original Half Life models?

it’s a good concept dude, try making the combine lead forward a bit though, or if you gonna pose their back bending out, make them hold heavy guns like machine guns.

Yeah alright. Sounds pretty good actually. It does seem like they would need to carry something heavier to stand in a pose like that.
Do you know if there are any tutorial videos on posing in gmod? I have no clue how to start posing, so I could probably do much better, in in much shorter time, if I had an idea how to start. Like a “plan” on how to pose people in gmod.

First, raise the chest up in the air and raise them to the level of their knees bending slightly if you want them models to stand up, then make sure the chest slighlty bends forwards by holding E and rotating your mouse, then just bend the knees a little, and do whatever you want with the legs and arms

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i don’t really know a tutorial, just pose for a while and it’ll eventually look good

Yeah ok. That’s actually useful help for me, stuff like that. So far I’ve started with the head, then going down from there.

Promising! :wink: