Citadel Wards - Mass Effect

bad posing, awesome lightning

Well, the Shepard model is one of the most horribly rigged ragdolls I have ever seen, so I wont bother you for that one.

Nice lights.

I like the angle, whats the map?

Great camera angle and lighting (you need to zoom in a little more though - the lens is kind of fish-eyed). Terrible posing though.

Thanks for your comments!

PS : dm_cloudcity :


Nice picture, but posing is a little stiff and the angle could be better.

What map is that btw?

Very awesome lighting! I don’t judge people anymore on anything i know that rigging is fucking horrid pn Shepard. But again awesome lighting my friend.

This really calls for a newer Shepard.

Any chance we could get the Liara model?